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Certifications of CE MARK

New Approach Directives Which Needs CE Marking

Certifications based on the need for a required operating permit (e.g. EfB-V) or tax-savings (EMAS, ISO 50001 in saving electricity/energy costs) are further indications for the establishment of a conforming system; to a certification by an accredited body.

European Standards (abbreviated EN, from the German name Europäische Norm (“European Norm”)) are technical standards drafted and maintained by CEN (European Committee for Standardization), CENELEC (European Committee for Electrotechnical Standardization) and ETSI (European Telecommunications Standards Institute).

  • Gloves (Surgical / Examination Gloves) – EN 420, EN 455-2
  • Gloves (Medical Gloves for Single Use) – BS EN 455-1 Medical, BS EN 455-2
  • Gloves (Plastics / Polymeric Compounds) – BS EN 455-3
  • Protective Clothing – BS EN 14605
  • Personal Protective Equipment Clothing – BS EN ISO 13688
  • Medical Textile (Surgical drapes, Gowns & Clean air Suits) – ISO 22612
  • Medical Textile (Face Mask) – ASTM F1862, IS 16289 Annexure D, IS 16288, ASTM F2101
  • Medical Textiles (Fabrics – Woven & Nonwoven) – ASTM F1670
  • Mask (Single Use) – China YY/T0969
  • Mask (Surgical) – EN14683
  • Mask (Respirator N 95) – EN 149:2001
Product Name The Related European Union Regulation Directive
1. Low Voltage Devices Low voltage equipment (73/23/EEC)
2. Simple Pressure Vessels Simple pressure vessels (87/404/EEC)
3. Gas Appliances Gas appliances (90/396/EEC)
4. Hot Water Boilers Hot water boilers (92/42/EEC)
5. Electromagnetic Compatibility Electromagnetic compatibility (89/336/EEC)
6. Machinery Machinery (98/37/EC)
7. Civil Explosives Civil explosives (93/15/EEC)
8. Non-automatic Weighingi Non-automatic weighing instruments (90/384/EEC)
9. Equipment and Protectiver Equipment and protective systems intended for use in Potentially explosive atmospheres (94/9/EC)
10. Lifts Lifts (95/16/EC)
11. Pressure equipment Pressure equipment (97/23/EC)
12.Active implantable medical devices Active implantable medical devices (90/385/EEC)
13. Medical devices Medical devices (93/42/EEC)
14.In vitro diagnostik t?bbi cihazlar In vitro diagnostic medical devices (98/79/EC)
15.Toys Toys (88/378/EEC)
16. Recreational craft Recreational craft (94/25/EC)
17.Construction products Construction products (89/106/EEC)
18 . Personal protective equipment Personal protective equipment (89/686/EEC)
19. Radio and telecommunications terminal equipment Radio and telecommunications terminal equipment (99/5/EC)
20.Cableway installations designed to carry persons Cableway installations designed to carry persons (2000/9/EC)

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