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Introduction to Mandatory Compulsory Registration Scheme

Ministry of Electronics & Information Technology (MEITY), Government of India has issues a notification named “Electronics and Information Technology Goods (Compulsory Registration Order) Order, 2012” mandating fifteen categories of electronics items under the Compulsory Registration Scheme of Department of Consumer Affairs based on their compliance to Indian safety standards.

Bureau of Indian Standards includes the following products to the schedule of the Electronics and Information Technology Goods (Requirement for Compulsory Registration) Order, 2012, namely:

  • Power Adapters for IT Equipment’s
  • Power Adapters for Audio, Video & Similar Electronic Apparatus
  • UPS of rating ≤ 5kVA
  • Investors of rating ≤ 5kVA
  • Secondary Cells / Batteries /Power Banks containing Alkaline or other non- acid Electrolytes for use in portable applications
  • C. Supplied Electronic Control gear for LED Modules
  • Self-Ballasted LED Lamps for General Lighting Services
  • Fixed General-Purpose LED Luminaries
  • Mobile Phones
  • Cash Registers
  • Point of Sale Terminals
  • Copying Machines / Duplicators
  • Smart Card Readers
  • Mail Processing Machines / Postage Machines / Franking Machines
  • Automatic Data Processing Machine
  • Passport Reader
  • Set Top Box
  • Power Bank
  • Laptop / Notebook / Tablet
  • Telephone Answering Machine
  • Video Monitor
  • Wireless Keyboard
  • Amplifier
  • Electronics Games
  • Electronic Musical Systems
  • Microwave Oven
  • Optical Disc Player
  • Microwave Oven
  • Indian Language Support Mobile Phone
  • Printer / Plotter
  • CCTV Cameras/CCTV Recorders
  • USB driven Barcode readers, barcode scanners, Iris scanners, Optical fingerprint scanners
  • Storage battery
  • Adapters for household and similar electrical appliances
  • Electronic Clock
  • Scanner
BIS Certification on Products
  • IS:694: PVC Household Wiring Cable
  • IS:9537: Conduits For Electrical Installations
  • IS:4984: High-density Polyethylene pipes For Water supply
  • IS:14333: High Density Polyethylene Pipes For Sewerage
  • IS:15658: Precast Concrete Blocks For Paving
  • IS:3564: Hydraulically Regulated Door Closers
  • IS:204(I): Tower Bolts -Ferrous Metals
  • IS:204 (Ii): Tower Bolts – Non-Ferrous Metals
  • IS:6315: Floor Springs (Hydraulically Regulated) For Heavy Doors
  • IS: 2681: Non-Ferrous Metal Sliding Door Bolts (AL drops) For Use With Padlocks
  • IS:12817: Stainless Steel Butt Hinges
  • IS:1293: Plugs And Socket-Outlets For Household And Similar Purposes Of Rated Voltage Up To And Including 250 V And Rated Current Up To And Including 16 A
  • IS:9473: Respiratory Protective Devices – Filter Half Masks To Protect Against Particles specification
  • IS:16289: Medical Textiles — Surgical Face Masks
  • IS:17423: Medical Textiles – Coveralls For Covid-19 – Specification
  • IS:9020: Power Threshers- Safety Requirements
  • IS:374: Electric Ceiling Type Fans
  • IS:13774: Live Working Gloves Of Insulating
  • IS:15392: Aluminum And Aluminum Alloy Bare Foil For Food Packaging
  • IS:14151: Irrigation Equipment- Sprinkler Pipes Part 2 Quick Coupled Polyethylene Pipes & Fittings
  • IS:14543: Packaged Drinking Water (Other Than Packaged Natural Mineral Water)
  • IS:10212: General Requirements Of Packages For Explosives Part 1 Commercial High Explosives
  • IS:303: Plywood For General Purposes
  • IS:2202: Wooden Flush Door Shutters (Solid Core Type) – Plywood Face Panels
  • IS:4990: Plywood For Concrete Shuttering Works
  • IS:2046: Decorative Thermosetting Synthetic Resin Bonded Laminated Sheets
  • IS:1180: Outdoor/Indoor Type Oil Immersed Distribution Transformers Upto And Including 2 500 Kva, 33 Kv – Mineral Oil Immersed
  • Lab Equipment’s installations according to IS
  • Calibration Services

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